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Is $100 too much to spend on clothes in one sitting?

Asked by: Jazzie 237 views Fashion & Accessories

I want to order some clothes and in total it will cost me $100. I am a teenager and I do not have a job so I do not have that much spending money, however recently for my birthday I got about $150. I want to buy 2 skirts, one plain and one patterned, a plain black flowy tshirt, a cropped white tshirt, and a tank top with pictures of cameras on it (I love photography). All of these are things that I need. I only have one skirt and it is getting small on me. Plus I don’t own any black shirts or crop tops. And the camera tank is just for fun. I am going away for 3 weeks in the summer so I want to make sure I have enough things to wear. If I buy these clothes, I know I wont have to do more shopping for the summer. Do you think I should get these items even though it’ll cost $100?

1 Answers

  1. itsme on Jun 01, 2013

    If you know you’ll wear them, then it’s fine to spend that much. My school jumper cost €50, but I wore it every day at school for 6 years, and it was still in excellent condition by the time I finished. As long as you won’t be short of money after buying the clothes, then go for it.

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