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3 Answers

Is it better to hand wash your bras or just use one of those bra bags in the washer?? How do you wash your bra?

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Is it better for your bras to wash them by hand in the sink or just use


that and let them air dry???

3 Answers

  1. TracyL on Aug 10, 2013

    I used to hand wash my bras when I was in high school because my mother doesn’t use a delicate cycle when doing laundry. I found that while the bras wouldn’t wrinkle if hand-washed I couldn’t get them as clean as when the were machine washed. Now that I do my own laundry, I just throw them in with the rest of my load and use cold water and air dry everything (saves on laundry change). My bras are nice and clean and they aren’t wrinkly either. My friend uses a bra bag and she says it works really well for her, so maybe use a bra bag, cold water, and air dry. Good luck!

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  2. goodgirl on Aug 10, 2013

    I hand wash my bras, I usually just do it in the shower with me (weird i know) I usually take some laundry detergent with me and message it in, and rinse it out. then put conditioner on it and do the same thing, it prolongs the life of the bra and keeps them super nice looking and soft!(:

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  3. Lizzy on Aug 10, 2013

    I just throw them in the washer and dryer with the rest of the dirty clothes.Oh, i forgot to say clasp them first so that the hooks don’t snag the other clothes.

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