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4 Answers

Is it normal to have blonde pubic hair? I thought it would get darker but it's still very light?

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I’m a natural blonde and when my bodyhair started to come through it was really light blonde too, my leg hair is blonde which is good because I don’t have to shave it too regularly, but I thought my pubic and armpit hair might get darker as I got older but they are still really light. I’ve never seen anybody in magazines or movies with blonde pubic hair, but I guess most women shave their so you couldn’t tell what colour it is anyway? A few of my past boyfriends have commented on it too, they didn’t seem to mind it but it was strange to them. Is it unusual to have naturally blonde armpit and pubic hair? I’m thinking of just shaving it. I included a picture too, don’t worry – it’s my armpit!

My hair:

4 Answers

  1. Rainbow Sprinkles on Aug 06, 2013

    No it doesn’t look strange to me, as a matter of fact it gives me an idea of cleanliness somehow

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  2. Smartblonde?? on Aug 06, 2013

    My girlfriend is in her early 30′s and a TOTAL natural blonde, although she occasionally shaves her lower legs, usually in the summer, she really doesn’t need to because even a few weeks after not shaving them the hair is barely noticeable. She never shaves her armpits and pubic hair and they are blonde too. I am one of the few guys that actually prefers armpit and pubic hair on females. It looks so much more natural, normal, mature, and yes, sexy. I feel like I’m with a woman and not a girl. Also pubic hair on a female is much more comfortable during sex and yes even giving oral. I lucked out with my current girlfriend because she was already unshaven when we got together. Is that your armpit hair in the pic? It is really thick for a natural blonde and it looks lovely. Most of my past girlfriends that had/have armpit hair that thick and bushy have been dark haired. I thought my current girlfriend had the hairiest armpits I’d ever seen on a natural blonde but it looks like you have her beat. I wouldn’t want you to shave anything if you were my girlfriend. You certainly have the intelligence and confidence to let it grow and it looks great. Believe me I’m not the only guy who likes hairy armpits/pubic area/legs on females. There aren’t many of us guys who do but others do exist besides me. Hope this helps and I hope you don’t shave it.

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    You arent wierd. Personally i dont like blonde pubic hair, i thing it looks gross. Shaved is always better on a woman. No matter what color. And ALL women should have shaved armpits and smooth legs in my oppinion. Which im sure most guys would agree on. But hey look at the bright side. Red pubes are worse! But again, your perfectly normal.

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  4. Honey Babe on Aug 06, 2013

    itz usual dont worrry!!! :)

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