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4 Answers

I've never admitted or told anyone about this.?

Asked by: Sinah 334 views Skin & Body , ,

I’m not comfortable telling them this. Like I never thought I had an eating disorder I thought it was whatever untill this summer when I took summer school to get health out of the way and everything discribed me. Idk what to do.

I’m 15 and for the last couple weeks I haven’t really eaten at all. For example yesterday all I ate was gaderade and well like 10 dirito chips. And well today I haven’t ate anything just water. Idk what’s wrong with me. Like I’m never Hungary anymore?

(A couple months ago I noticed when ever I would eat alot like McDonald’s combo or Peter piper pizza I would go straight to the bathroom and throw up. But I haven’t done that in awhile since I haven’t eaten. ) idk what’s wrong with me. BTW IM 5’3 & 117lb last time I checked I might have lost weight since this tho. And I’m a girl lol.

Asked by Jasmine
I’m scared to get fat. I want a perfect stomache something I don’t have right now. But ever since I started throwing up on purpose I can’t stop. I feel gulity and I just go straight to the bathroom.

4 Answers

  1. Guy on Aug 05, 2013

    Baby girl hey im 16 and i have friend who had the same problem and wouldnt admit it to her self that she had a eating disorder the best way to stop is seeking help although you may think you dont need it because it can get to a point where you can no longer control it and it gets out of hand. I believe you are a beautiful young lady with an amazing body and i know your smart enough to not feel guilty when eating something. The media is corrupted and to be perfect is being fake and not who you are or should be. I dont have the flattest stomach in the world so what? Because i love food and i belive its importbant to have it my best advice for you is to drink plenty of water at least if your not eating as im not here to force you because of course my greatest advice would be jus to say yhh go on jus eat dont be silly but its not that easy right? Seek help speak to your mum dad someone close to you. Because believe me starving yourself darling will only make you sick and not an amazing girl that i can only begin to imagine that you are i hope all goes well and good luck, bless xxxx

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  2. Mocha on Aug 05, 2013

    You might gain weight with the way you are eating. Whenever you don’t eat food for long periods of time and then suddenly do, your body quickly stores the fat from the food in your body because it doesn’t know the next time it will get a meal. If you really want a fit stomach, I suggest going on a healthy diet and exercising. This will build your metabolism so your body naturally sheds fat faster and healthily. If you have a scale in your house, throw it away. Pounds don’t matter, and you’ll only beat yourself up if you see you gain a few. You are only 15. Is so sad that you are worrying about getting fat, but, I suppose there is some image you are comparing yourself to. I want you to stop looking at those "perfect" people, they don’t even look that in real life. Look at yourself and love what you have. Next time you look like yourself in the mirror say, "I’m damn sexy." and seriously do that everyday. It sounds stupid but it helps you realize what you have.

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  3. Gwendolyn on Aug 05, 2013

    You might have anorexia. You need to take zinc supplements. Contact a nutritionist or a doctor first. There is no problem in taking zinc tablets. It regulates your food intake (you will not get fat), helps in hair and nails growth. Most of all, you need to get rid of thinking that if you will eat tou will get fat. STOP !!Hope I helped. =)Stay safe. :)

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  4. Mother Goose on Aug 05, 2013

    Get HELP!!!! Before it gets really out of hand.!!!!!All the best to you, and many prayers!!

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