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Looking for a dressy summer dress? Help me choose one of the dresses in the details.?

Asked by: Butterfly Cheesecake 168 views Fashion & Accessories , ,

I want a dress that are summery, classy looking (so its approppriate for most occassions) and that can worn both casual evening occassions.
Lets say a dinner out with family in tropic resort place)
and semi-formal like garden party esque occassions? I probably will never attend to something formal like that, but more midsummer parties with relatives and I like to look dressed-up? I read somewhere tea lenght is typical worn for those occassions but I dont feel comfortable with that lenght on skirt, would knee lenght be approppriate for semi-formal dress codes?

Anyway, thats the occassion I want my dress to be for. Ive a few summer dresses but they are more casual.
These are dresses that fitted my taste and in a style I like to wear. (Above-the-knee to knee lenght v-necks that cover the shoulders and have purple or blue color in it.). For shoes, I plan to wear either these black wedge dress sandals http://deichmann.scene7.com/is/image/dei… (with black acccessories) or white kitten heels.

1) http://image01.bonprix.se/bonprixbilder/…
2) http://image01.bonprix.se/bonprixbilder/… (ermm.. too casual?)
3) http://image01.bonprix.se/bonprixbilder/…
4) http://image01.bonprix.se/bonprixbilder/…
5) http://image01.bonprix.se/bonprixbilder/…
Which of these dresses would fit the occassions that are not too casual and seen as elegant/classy/lady-like?
Im 24.

And excuse me if anybody got annoyed by the long details. I notice people complain when you dont add where you want to wear the piece for. Thats why I typed a little more! xD haha

3 Answers

  1. Gincey on Apr 13, 2013

    Please don’t be offended by anything I have to say – It’s only my opinion, and I really mean to help…I have to start by saying that the shoes feel outdated… maybe a little 90′s, or meant for someone at least 10 years older than you. Try something a little more fun, with gemstones or rhinestones… or try to avoid black strappy wedges, as they are a dime a dozen and never make an outfit look better. If you really don’t want to stray away from the black strappy sandals… try these… they are a much more modern cut/style. http://www.payless.com/store/product/detail.jsp?catId=cat10088&subCatId=cat10285&skuId=130058060&productId=72799&lotId=130058&category=&catdisplayName=WomensOkay – the dresses… 1 – this print is very casual. Looks like it might be a juniors dress, in which case you are too old for it. Or it looks like a beach party dress. The print is almost tattoo-like. Not a very classy dress, cute… but not classy.2 – also, this dress looks like a juniors dress. The cap sleeves, lace trim, and ruffled skirt are very very young looking… think 15 – 16 year olds. the buttons are very quaint, and nothing about this dress says classy. Unless you’re the prettiest girl at the barn raising.3 – I really love this dress. It’s got a very classy neckline, modern hem, beautiful daytime print that would flatter any body type. This is a winner. It’s like an old-school floral print, in a really modern cut. Great dress – casual or formal. But… it’s too white for a wedding. Don’t wear it to a wedding, the bride might get annoyed. Also… you can NOT wear this dress with black strappy sandals. It would murder the whole look. Go for nude, or metallic shoes.4 – I like this dress a lot. A lot a lot! – It’s definitely a lot classier than the first two dresses, but if it fits too tightly, or comes too short on the leg, it could really easily become a clubbin’ dress. You know… like a little too hoochie-mama for a garden party or wedding. Again, black strappy sandals are a definite no-go with this dress. Think dark blue pumps, or red ballet flats.5 – I like the top part of this dress, and the print on the bottom. But the ruffles are killing it. Ruffley skirts are risky – they can make you look like a child coming out of sunday school. Careful you aren’t dressing too young for your age. I know 24 is still young, but you shouldn’t be shopping in the juniors section anymore.Sorry if the answer was super long – but you gave me a lot to look at!Go check out the dresses the GAP has this year – lots of casual to formal looks for cheap, and right in your age range too.

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  2. Sweet Elephant on Apr 13, 2013

    I really like the last three. Sorry I can’t narrow it down more, but I really love those ones. I might wear white with some of them instead of black, especially for the last one.

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  3. Munchkin Pie on Apr 13, 2013

    I like the last one! I reckon you make it look really dressy, casual or in between :) It would suit all complexions and hair colours as well :)

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