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5 Answers

Looking for a great face powder? 5 stars?

Asked by: Jess 444 views Makeup , ,

I am trying to go lighter on makeup and instead of a tinted moisturizer/BB cream i think i want to try just a powder. Any brand is good for me (high end or drugstore) as long as its oil free or non comedogenic. Would BareMinerals be a good choice? Maybe Benefit?

I still need it to have some coverage. But only enough to make it seem like im not wearing anything

All suggestions are welcome!

5 Answers

  1. mitika130 on Aug 10, 2013

    yes girl! Try benefit. Benefit is my holy grail favorite brand in this entire planet <3 Try their hello flawless oxygen wow powder it covers everything i have acne and i just wear it alone and it covers just gorgeous. Try benefit. Bare minerals.. Naahhh. I mean come on ;P Try benefit. I love benefit. I know you might be like ”HOLY JEEZ THAT IS SO DARN EXPENSIVE!!” but if you get the ”How to look best at everything” kit by benefit which is 30 something it comes with their flawless foundation and it is definitely light i mean if you apply a thin coat it looks just airbrushing i love it and it comes with 2 amazing full coverage concealers for under eyes or blemishes and their porefessional which makes your face look EVEN more airbrushing because it just makes your pores go like seriously your pores just go for real they just go :) Its like magic. and their porefessional controls oil so good seriously i wore it on my nose and 4 hours later i felt so oil and i wasn’t shiny AT ALL. AT ALL.Get the kit :) Its worth it i swear its so so worth it. You can give the foundation to your mom or family member if you don’t like it or just keep it if you like if maybe in the future you will get acne or something or you want a more full coverage. You will not dislike the powder and porefessional and the 2 concealers :) their super creamy and amazing.

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  2. Bubblegum Giggles on Aug 10, 2013

    I’ve never used jst powder but maybe you good try maybelline Fit me pressed powder? I hear its used to set foundation but I guess it wouldn’t hurt to just use it alone? You can buy it at Walgreens so i guess its a drugstore brand ;P

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  3. Lucky Winner on Aug 10, 2013

    I swear by the Pressed Powder by GOSH. You can get it in most Superdrugs. The Bobbi Brown ones a good if you want something more high end. Another good drugstore powder is the Stay Matte one by Rimmel.

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    I personally use MaxFactor, but I also sneak some of my mother’s tester ones of Estee Lauder.

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  5. Chocolate Madness on Aug 10, 2013

    Benifit Hello Flawless

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