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2 Answers

Makeup: How to Get The Dewy Look Without a Highlighter?

Asked by: Smooches 490 views Makeup , ,

I’m getting my first makeup from MAC, and I don’t want my mom to spend a lot of money. (At least not on this stuff. lol) I read that you need a certain highlighter for your skin tone. I’m black with light skin, maybe an olive tone. So if I can’t find a highlighter, how do I get the dewy, bright, natural look.

Like this: http://www.totalbeauty.com/content/galle…

(The pic with the girl on it, Obviously)

2 Answers

  1. steveN on Aug 09, 2013

    Do you have white eyeshadow? Like a champagne pretty color? Yeah dip your finger in the shade and dot it up to your cheekbones :) I have oily skin and like all my foundations are dewy for NO reason.. Like really haha but it doesn’t bother me that much ;P. But why from MAC? I mean try the Garnier BB cream its glowing and hydrating and protects skin and its super dewy and brightens the face up.OR Listen here. I was at my friend who is a makeup artist. and she has glowing skin and i mean its not dull and she has olive skin and to be totally honest it looks green sometimes. Hahaha ;P And so she always has this brightened face i mean it looks gorgeous :) i asked her what she used to make her face glowing she said she uses MAC prep and prime skin serum first then puts on her foundation. Why don’t you get that instead of your foundation you can get a super cheap drugstore foundation like maybelline fit me or the garnier BB cream because those are amazing amazing dewy finish foundations. But yeah for highlighter use white champagne eyeshadow with some sparkle. If you have enough money buy the MAC vanilla pigment and use it as highlighter and still you can use it as eyeshadow for your eyes (tearduct and brow bone or just on the lid also you can make your lips look fuller by applying it on your cupidbow) MAC vanilla pigment is the best highlighter ever <3 well eyeshadow highlighter hahaha!

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  2. One Mind on Aug 09, 2013

    Check out some YouTube tutorials, there are so many! Just search ‘fresh dewy skin look’ or something like that, you will get tons of hits.I know there are certain foundations that are made specifically to leave a dewy finish, even when set with powder. There are also certain makeup setting sprays that give you that effect.Hope this helped! :)

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