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3 Answers

Modelling advice – Do I meet the requirements?

Asked by: Sweet Angel Bubbles 229 views Other - Beauty & Style , , ,

I only want to join modelling as a last resort. I have been offered a few times by close friends but never took it seriously. Now that I need to start preparing my future, I need insight on what is and isn’t possible. Could I pursue a modelling career?




3 Answers

  1. Bubblegum Hugs on May 30, 2013

    I’ll be honest with you, it’s impossible for any of us on here to tell you unless we run a modelling agency and are willing to take you on…But it’s hard for us to give an opinion when we have no idea of your height, we can’t see what your figure is like, and the photos you have given us are dark, bad quality and you’re wearing make up. You’re obviously a pretty girl but there’s a lot more that factors into it.For anyone to give a decent opinion we’d need to see pictures of your full body and face straight on and in good natural light – so in the day time!Symmetry in the face is a big thing, which we can’t tell as the photos are taken with your face at angles.You normally need to be at least 5’7", sometimes taller. They usually only consider shorter girls if they’re asian, as you just don’t get many tall asians.Of course all of this is only relevant if you’re taking it seriously and want to get on the books of a reputable modelling agency. If you’re just looking to do catalogues/small clothing brands then it’s not as important, they just want someone who looks half decent in their clothes.Ask again with some better photos or I’d say your best bet is to get some taken professionally by a photographer who knows how to shoot for modelling portfolios. Then get in contact with some modelling agencies and see what they say!

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  2. Lina on May 30, 2013

    I’m in fashion, so I do know some of the requirements. If its runway, you need to be 5’8" tall or taller (I have auditioned to model before but I’m too short to be one) and about a size 4-8 (I believe it is European sizing, but I’m not sure, I just know it’s hard to find these sizes, H&M sells their clothing in these sizes). It really just depends on who you are modeling for. The requirements change from time to time. I recommend practicing walking in heels, it’s harder walking in flats on a runway than in heels (even the smallest heel helps, it helps with posture and confidence). Also, just watch many fashion shows and study the models, or America’s Next Top Model (one of my models watched and learned America’s Next Top Model, and she was outstanding!). Also, going through fashion magazines and looking at the models at practicing poses and facial expressions might help to!I hope this helps! :)

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  3. Chocolate Donut on May 30, 2013

    yes, but do some more stuffs!

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