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My boobs shrunk down 2 sizes… help?

Asked by: Girly Angels 158 views Fashion & Accessories , ,

due to personal reasons I stopped exercising about a year ago and I’ve lost 10 pounds since… I’m almost flat chested now and I’m very upset about that…
my mom suggests I take a two months course of LD pills… but Im not sure that would really help… any suggestions?
and no I don’t want to do any surgeries.

1 Answers

  1. Margie on Mar 20, 2013

    That’s the same thing happened to the Gov. of California, when he was a governor, but he went back to working out, now he was as buff as when he was Mr. Universe!DO NOT EVER TAKE supplements without your doctor’s OK. They all have SIDE EFFECTS that can do more harm than good. Watch the movie! RE: BREAST ENLARGEMENT PILLS; SCAM: The FDA is requesting a written response from the U.S. companies within 15 business days of receipt of the warning letters stating how they will correct these violations and prevent similar violations in the future. Each U.S. company has been informed in its warning letter that failure to promptly correct the violations may result in legal action.Body by Victoria, Victoria Secret. It add cleavage, separates them and lifts them up. Does the body image good!After you’ve had children, and if you continue to exercise: push up, and all to do with arm & chest, yours will get big also, but once you stop they will start to sag. Trust me, the Situation didn’t got abs by not going to the gym. I also bought this patented pink hard plastic thingy at a garage sale for 25cents 30 years ago, (has a US Patent DES 213,153, U.S. Pat. No.3.497.216 on it) whatever that means . . . it is similar to thigh-master advertised by Suzanne Sommers in the 80′s except they’re for your boobs. I use that everyday, and my breasts is 3 sizes larger. It helps firms up my arms too, so no part of me sag. Plus my push-ups exercises. Why do you think the Gov. of California’s breasts who was once Mr. Olympia, now turned into jelly? BTW, he went back to the gym for his new movie! Mine are as big as Jennifer Aniston’s.There are many flat chested movie stars, Kate Hudson & Goldie Hawn, Jad Pinkett Smith, AND Paris Hilton are four. About 37,400,000 results,Watch Malika – Kloe’s BFF on Kloe & Lamar reality show, on E online 3-18-12.

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