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Outfit ideas for Smart Casual?

Asked by: Lulu 355 views Other - Beauty & Style , , ,

I’m 15 and have work experience at a local Radio station coming up, the dress code is smart casual and I’m not even sure what that is let alone how to make some cute but appropriate outfits for it. Would bright colored jeans be okay? I really need some help with outfit ideas as I want to make a good impression.

1 Answers

  1. Pin on Jun 01, 2013

    Hey, smart casual is basically just not what you slum around in at home or wear on a night out but also nothing too formal like your going to a ball or something, just something well comfy/casual that looks presentable, I don’t see what would be wrong with bright coloured jeans, I mean the people listening cant see you right? haha but yeh maybe them jeans and a nice top, whenever I think about or have to dress smart casual I just think about what I would wear to meet my boyfriends parents, obviously you wouldnt go overboard and turn up in a ball gown you would just want to look nice and presentable :)

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