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2 Answers

Planning on dying my hair ombre, any tips?

Asked by: Carrie 313 views Hair ,

I will do it myself (can’t afford to go to the salon), using this tutorial: http://shinybowsandskinnylattes.blogspot… (it seemed like the one that would give me less of a chance of messing up).

I have never had my hair colored before, and I’m just doing the ends. I’m not dying all my hair, and I figure if I mess up too bad (my hair’s blonde, so I don’t think minor mess-ups would be very noticeable), I can just get my hair cut to above where it’s dyed at (my hair looks best short, anyway, I only keep it long so I have more styling options and because it looks more feminine).
How should I take care of my hair before and after dying it?
Should I have my ends trimmed first, or just go through my hair to make sure I don’t have any split ends?
Any other tips (besides going to a salon)?

2 Answers

  1. Jeanne on May 31, 2013

    The more damaged your hair is, yes, the more damaged it will be after, but also the more longer the color will be in your hair. I think you should definitely do it! It will look awesome. I read the tutorial and it is very clear. I wouldn’t do the cool aid on top. I’m sure it will look awesome the way it is! Good luck. What color are you planning to do it anyway, since your hair is blonde? Brown? Cool.

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  2. ohsocockytae on May 31, 2013

    Ombre fad is OVER!

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