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Recipes for a natural hair relaxer? PLEASE RESPOND!!!!?

Asked by: Tweetie Vampire 501 views Hair ,

I can’t use anything that involves coconut or castor oil. I have wavy thick hair and I was wondering if there are any natural hair relaxers so my hair can be straighter/more managable. Any tips? Thank you!

1 Answers

  1. Andrea on Aug 09, 2013

    I don’t have any hair relaxers, but I know how to make it more manageable. Use a lot of conditioner, and do not use shampoo. Shampoo contains ingridients that makes your hair frizzy. Use a Moroccan oil while your hair is wet. To get your hair less unmanageable, twist it and put it in a bun at night. Or you can put it in a braid at night. Do not brush it in the morning, just style it. You can brush it at night, before you do this to your hair. That being said, do not wash your hair in the morning. Also, as tough as it is, no heat.

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