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2 Answers

Recommend any hypoallergenic/natural lipsticks?

Asked by: Jolly Bee 671 views Makeup ,

I have really sensitive lips or maybe there’s a certain ingredient that I’m particularly allergic to. There’s two lipstick lines that I’m not severely allergic to, which is Bare Minerals 100% Natural Lipstick and Body Shop lipsticks. Unfortunately, they’re discontinuing both lines and now I don’t know what to get.

Products I have tried (that I have gotten an allergic reaction from) are:
- Maybelline’s Baby Lips
- Burt’s Bees Colored Lip Balm
- Sephora Rouge Cream Lipstick

I’m a bit hesitant about Clinique and Boots No7, not much of their lipsticks are mostly made from natural ingredients. Is it worth giving them a try?

Also worth noting, the first time I tried the Bare Minerals lipstick, I got an allergic reaction, although I just kept wearing it everyday and eventually I was able to wear it everyday without my lips swelling, etc.

2 Answers

  1. stevec on Aug 09, 2013

    Bare Minerals 100% Natural Lipstick is still available in 7 different shades on Beauty.com and the Bare Escentuals website http://www.bareescentuals.com/100%25-Natural-Lipcolor—Gelato/US42191,default,pd.html It appears that they are just discontinuing their ripe fig, passion fruit and ripe apricot colors (it says Last Chance): http://www.bareescentuals.com/100%25-Natural-Lipcolor—Ripe-Fig/USMaster100%25NaturalLipcolorlastchance,default,pd.htmlAs for other brands, have you tried Physician’s Formula, which is hypoallergenic and available in some drugstores and online – http://www.physiciansformula.com/en-us/product/eyes/lipstick.html Also Almay, another hypoallergenic brand, has just introduced lip gloss,They previously didn’t sell lip colors. See http://www.almay.com/products/Lips.aspxI have eye makeup, rather than lipstick, allergies and use Almay and Physician;s formula.

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  2. Fairy Princess on Aug 09, 2013

    Ask a Sephora employee. You can even email them. I’ve done it before. They’re great. Do it!! :)

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