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Selfridges won't exchange my jeans without a reciept?

Asked by: Blueberry Angel 209 views Fashion & Accessories , , , ,

They are such jerks!
My brother (who doesn’t live in this country) brought me some jeans from selfridges, 130 pounds armani jeans
I went back today, they still have all the tags on them and the tag which says selfridges on it.

I went to london all the way from essex to be told I cannot exchange it, how ridiculous! Every shop iv ever known have exchanged without a reciept, what’s even more annoying is the snotty manager was like "oh how do we know u got it from here"

OMG DUH! It says SELFRIDGES on the label!

So I rang customer services who said I had to get my brother to send them his bankstatment.
How exactly will sending a bank statment prove it? I could have brought bath salts for 130 for all they know!
Anyway my brother won’t do it and I understand who really wants to send bank statments, personal info were anyone can get the details.

Its ridiculous, is there anything else I can do about this? I don’t want to sell them on ebay as I really like them all I need is a bigger size. They are such arseholes I swear.

1 Answers

  1. Winnie on Apr 19, 2013

    That is strange. Usually they will exchange like for like goods without a receipt, but it’s probably more to do with the Armani Concession they probably just didn’t want to change them. Did you give the salesperson any attitude?I guess if your Brother does online banking he can select the page where the transaction shows, do a Screenshot, copy and paste to Word or Paint, blackout bits he doesn’t want anyone to see and Email it to you. You can then print it off and take it to the store.

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