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3 Answers

should i go back to school clothes shopping yet?

Asked by: Trix 495 views Fashion & Accessories , , , ,

hi! im a girl and im going into grade 10 and i was wondering if the like fall clothing would be out in stores yet, like jeans and sweaters… that kind stuff. i live like 3 hours away from toronto so my mom and i are going clothes shopping there! i start school on sept 3rd (26 days).

thank you :)

ps: i shop at forever 21, brandy melvill, urban outfitters, hollister etc…

3 Answers

  1. Fanny on Aug 09, 2013

    Coincidence, I go back to school sep 3rd and I’m going to 10th grade! But ALOT of stores already have fall stuff. I went shopping last week and forever 21, Tommy Hilfiger , American eagle and more had a bunch of sweaters jeans and fall stuff. One store even had jackets :0. I’m going shopping for sweaters tops and leggings/jeans next week

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  2. Teddy Bear Tweets on Aug 09, 2013

    It’s definitely not too early. I work in retail and we have our fall stuff already! One of the stores I like to shop at though for back-to-school is online http://www.your-closet.com. It’s a thrift store so everything is second-hand but its all really nice actually! They have Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, American Eagle and Aeropostale!

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  3. Arabella on Aug 09, 2013

    I think you should go now but i think there’s going to be lots of new fall clothes once it hits September but idk if you want to wait that long.

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