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stuff needed to become a piercer?

Asked by: Flower Twinkles 343 views Skin & Body , , ,

i’m in high school (don’t know what that is in america but i’m 14 if that helps), i’ve already picked my GCSE’s based on my "big dream", if you like, of becoming a musician / artist but i know i’m going to need a job to do before i reach my goal, and for if i dot reach it. i’ve decided that since i’m really into them anyway, and its not the sort of workplace where body mods and unusual haircuts and colors and such aren’t aloud, i might not do badly as a piercer. i know it sounds like i’ve just decided now, i haven’t, but i’ve been thinking about it today and realized i don’t actually know much about it. i’m not bad with blood and puss and spit and stuff, and i don’t get squeamish about things like needles, on myself or others. (i know it sounds like i’m evil, i’m not, i’ve just never really minded :P ). i’ve already picked my GCSE’s, as i said, and i now take the following : normal (double) science, history, double English, music, art, DT graphics, long corce RE (and therefore short corce PE) and Spanish. (there not all i take there just the ones i got to chose). are these any good for what i want to do? i’m quite creative, will that help? what do i need to pick in the future for, lets say, my A levels? is there anything necessary? basically, i need to know as much as possible, any info will be very helpful :)

thanks for reading!
hazel ~(*0*)~

1 Answers

  1. Love Bunny on Aug 07, 2013

    None of the courses you currently take are going to help you in piercing.You will need to be educated in piercing,though.Become an apprentice at a local and well-respected piercing shop.Take classes for first-aid.Supplies-1.Hollow needles2.Ball grabber3.Gloves4.Cork5.Rubbing alcohol6.Felt tip piercing pen7.Clamps8.Piercing gelGood luck!

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