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Tattoo preparation & clean up?

Asked by: Glitzy 144 views Skin & Body , , ,

I’m getting some rose tattoos done on my forearm with a name in it & I want to know if I should put lotion on everyday b4 I get it which is somewhere on the weekend. Also should I put on lotion on the day I get my tat ,tell me how I should prepare. I also wanted to know if I’m suppose to wash it & if I have to can u explain it because on the Internet it says not to put water & some of my friends that have tattoos tell me I’m suppose to keep it hydrated & put some kind of special lotion on it I think it’s like rubbing alcohol. My last question is if I’m underage to get a tattoo but the artist doesn’t know can i still go back for touch ups

1 Answers

  1. Monkey Scribbles on Apr 21, 2013

    Make sure the name is only someone in your direct family at the least! Please do not get names of significant others or friends. You can use lotion before whenever, but just make sure there is nothing there when you go in. They will clean the area off anyways. Yes, water can be on it to clean it. You should at least clean it every morning and evening with antibacterial soft soap and luke warm water. Pat it dry, do not rub it. As far as no water, sites may be referring to the fact that you should not submerge in it pools, lakes, etc. because of the risk for infection. A tattoo is basically a wound, so treat as such. You can use A & D ointment a few times a day after on your tattoo to keep it moisturized and allow it to heal easier and you can use regular unscented lotion towards the end of the healing process when the scabbing is done and gone. As far as your age, absolutely NO tattoo artist should ink you if you are to young. Any good and trustworthy artist will take your I.D before hand. Once you are of age, and you still want then go for it. As far as touch ups, most places will offer free or cheap ones withing a few months after you get your tattoo, but it can vary as not all places have the same policies.

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