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1 Answers

teen male dying hair from brown to blonde?

Asked by: Rita 254 views Hair


yep, this is me. i want to dye my hair blonde, kind of like this:


is it possible with my dark hair and without bleaching?

if i do bleach, will that really mess up my hair?

1 Answers

  1. AustinE on Jun 03, 2013

    You probably will need to bleach your hair. But I think one bleach is enough to make yours blonde considering its never been dyed before. No it wont really mess it up a lot, but it will leave your hair dry and brittle but a small trim will fix that. Search up on youtube bleaching brown hair to blonde and there will be many videos to help you choose bleach brands, toners, maybe repair conditioners, etc. Hope I helped, good luck. :)

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