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2 Answers

Thoughts on crop tops?

Asked by: Jane 237 views Fashion & Accessories

First ill just say this question may seem superfIcial or pointless to some, but this is a serious question.

So in trying to keep a long story short…the other day I was out and about with a friend of mine. I was wearing a knee legth fitted skirt and a black crop top. About 4" of my midriff was exposed including my belly button. My friend is fairly busty n she was wearing a very low cut tight tank top. After a few mins of walking around she pointed out that every woman in the immediate vincity was staring daggers at me and looking me up and down. After she pointed it out I started noticing it more n more and it made me quite uncomfortable. My attire seemed to only have an effect on the woman around as the men didn’t pay me any more attention then usual.

So my question is…When did an exposed belly button and a bit of back become any more brazen or "slutty" then an almost completely exposed chest? We were showing about the same amount of skin but only I was getting glared at. Why does a stomach receive such a negative reaction from other females? There’s no difference in showing ur abs then wearing short shorts or a low cut top in my opinion, and I should add I am thin and have a feminine toned stomach. No jiggle n no muffin top here, so what’s the deal? I’d hate to think that even though I think I looked cute others thought I looked trashy.

2 Answers

  1. Pink Petals on Jun 02, 2013

    A narrow waist and toned stomach is hot and it’s the first thing you lose when you start letting yourself go . They were jealous of your figure .

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  2. Candy Cane Sizzles on Jun 02, 2013

    I would have to see a pic of you or something with that crop top to see if you looked trashy.. I think you should stick to tieing your shirts like this http://candybarbie.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/kendalljenner.jpgIt's stylish and cute and women won’t be looking at you like that! Wear a Lacey bra like this you can get one a urban outfitters, forever 21 & free people! And get it in this color or a color that matches your. Flowy tank! Get a mint green it’s really in this season! Kissses! Xoxxxxo

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