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Tips On How to Repair Damage Hair?

Asked by: Strawberry Muffins 225 views Hair , , , , ,

Okay so I have straightened my hair for the last 3yrs, and for the last year I have been bleaching it and dying it random colors. Before all the bleaching my hair was pretty much healthy, it was soft and smooth and silky but since I bleached it, it went completely dead. I want my hair to grow *right now its shoulder length was longer but bleaching burned it* I have completely stopped straitening it and bleaching/dying it. I don’t know if i should go get all my dead hair cut off *i had choppy short layers* but i am debating whether i should or not since i will probably end up with even shorter hair bc most of my hair is dead or i should let it grow and go once a month or so, so they can trim the dead parts. I would like any other advice on what i should do in the terms of taking care of it, thanks :)

1 Answers

  1. Guy on Jun 04, 2012

    Try something new and try a new style. You might end up liking it better. Personally, dead hair weighs down on me, and I usually end up going from long hair to a bob or even a pixie cut. Going in monthly may be costly, but it’s up to you!

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