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3 Answers

What girly girl stuff should I wear to my school for a charity event?

Asked by: Lucretia 231 views Fashion & Accessories , , ,

I am a boy, 15, and for charity I am going to surprise everyone at my school by going in dressed as a girly girl.

Can you please help me by telling me what clothes I should wear, full list even underwear and shoes, links would be helpful. What make-up too? Don’t worry, my sister and her friends are going to turn me into a girly girl so don’t bother with tips on how to apply the make-up!

3 Answers

  1. Guardian Angel on Dec 18, 2012

    That’s gonna be fun! Anyways check out the links below.I din’t want to make you feel to uncomfortable so i feel everything i chose is pretty reasonable. JKIts for charity so what the hay :) Hope this helped ~ Jojo

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  2. Bryan on Dec 18, 2012

    A dress, leggings, some hair acessory, bracelet and low heels or ballerina shoes. I think you should do a pretty dramatic eye makup. Maybe smokey eyes or a lighter eyeshadow with eyeliner and a simple lipgloss or lightpink lipstick.

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  3. NervXT on Dec 18, 2012

    Long flowing skirt with high heels and a vest and make up ….Eye shadow light pink lipstick..miss cannot believe you have the guts because I don’t know what wear even if it is normal

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