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3 Answers

What should I change my instagram name to?

Asked by: Honey Buns 322 views Other - Beauty & Style , , ,

So my name on instagram is simplyyjill.. And I realized there is nothing "simple" about me or my life and i hate my username..
I want a really cool instagram name, like someone says my username and just knows who it is!

Something unique and punk sounding.

So I need some ideas
My names Jill
Im really into the 90′s bands, tv shows, all that. I like cats,daisies, pizza, nature, and hearts. HAHAH i dont know
I like alice in wonderland a lot. And photography.
I like xox symbols or maybe something even more creative I really like the names
letsrunaway_ ,hauntedghosts, escapereality, cocainedaiseis, insidemymind, really cool user names but whatever i think of its already taken!

Any ideas that are not already taken?

3 Answers

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  2. Gincey on Jun 02, 2013

    Katz_WillBe_Katz <— Idk format it has to be in but yah, or: Wratched_Love (however u spell it) or : Jill_CocaineeCat

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  3. Sugar Cuddles on Jun 02, 2013

    Old_daisy_chains ?Jill_inwonderland ?

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