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What's the longest-lasting purple/violet hair dye? (demi, or pemanent, no semi please)?

Asked by: Bee Happy 174 views Hair , ,

ive been looking for hours, & all i found was hair dye that lasts a month. i know my hair is too dark & i have to bleach it first, so i will. the hair dye i found that lasts the longest is splat, but my friend tried it & it didn’t work that well. ive never dyed my hair before tho. i found the brand RAW hair dye, but i don’t know how long that lasts. i really want one that lasts at least a few months, & i can only dye my hair purple, preferably not a lighter purple. and i know i wont use the lo’real brand, or any wash-out or fade-out hair dyes that last a week or so. >< i know, I’m really picky, but its my hair, & i believe i have a right to be picky.

1 Answers

  1. Amelia on Apr 02, 2012

    Well, if you’re looking for dark purple, I suggest Garnier Nutrisse 42 Deep Burgundy (Black Cherry). It’s quite a dark colour but you can see the purple tint vividly under sunlight :) And it’s a permanent hair dye so it’s obviously long lasting. Hope that helped!

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