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1 Answers

Where can i get Violet hair dye?

Asked by: Sweet Cakes 201 views Hair , , , , ,

My hair is very thin, dark brown, and straight (when i comb it)! I would like to get my ends Violet cause my hair is so boring! Tell me plz where to get the hair dye! I live in New Jersey. And tell me any other colors for my hair thats best :D thnx

1 Answers

  1. Puppy Tails on Jul 13, 2012

    Well you can go to Sally’s Beauty Supply and buy it there or anywhere were they sell hair dye. For the brands you can use Manic Panic, Beyond the Zone, Any all those kind. I had mine violet it faded really quick i had to be dying hair every 2 days But sence you wanna do the tips you wont need a lot because i had my whole hair purple. But anyways Good luck! n.n

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