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Asked by: Flower Petals 393 views Fashion & Accessories , , , , ,


Sooo since there’s a sale, I was thinking of maybe getting a backpack from pink?? They’re reaaaally small (like literally 12" aka 1 foot tall in length)

I’m still debating whether I should get one or not, and IF I do decide to get one, obviously I need to know what color, so I chose pink, black, or the sequin white chevron color.
Which do you like out of those 3 colors i picked?? thanks! but i also don’t know what to wear it with/ if anything I have will really match, so that’s why I’m still debating on getting one or not

3 Answers

  1. Xina on Jun 03, 2013

    i wouldn’t get any of them on first thought. just cause they’re on sale doesn’t mean you have to get one. what are you going to use it for if it’s that tiny? also they look really childish dont they? but from the 3, i’d get the sequin white, then the black, then the pink although i wouldn’t get the pink unless it was free or something. this bag would be good for the beach i guess but i dont see any other use for it cause it’s so tiny. but i dont know your needs, maybe you would find it practical for a lot of stuff.

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  2. .:=RM=:. on Jun 03, 2013

    Black or white one because it goes with everything

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  3. TonyRB on Jun 03, 2013

    black with pink will be great..and you can were the same colors on it

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