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3 Answers

Which case is cuter for a girly girl?

Asked by: Cheese Ball 356 views Fashion & Accessories , , , , ,

1. http://www.luxe-case.com/iphone-5-case/sweet-tooth-polka-dot-iphone-5-case-in-candy-pink

2. http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B009RIVX2U/ref=mw_dp_img_3?in=3&is=300&qid=1365288413&sr=8-1

If you guys know any links of a cute iphone 5 case write it below or pick one that you think it’s cute it has to be pink btw…. Thanks :)

3 Answers

  1. Martha on Apr 07, 2013

    Both are pretty cute and girly, I would choose the first one.But here is a really cute girly case, that I just love!!http://www.lionspridebymeri.bigcartel.co…Check out the rest of the website to, there are lots of really cute girly cases!Good Luck, Hope I Helped!!

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  2. Ethelinda on Apr 07, 2013

    I LOVE number one. The second was interesting, but not exactly the girly girl type. The plka dots and background was adorable. You should definitely choose the second one.

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  3. Judy on Apr 07, 2013

    i like the 3D look of the second case. i really like the cases with characters or the silicon ones of cute animals and stuff.

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