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1 Answers

Why has my violet hair dye coloured all of my hair except my roots?

Asked by: Princess Joy 162 views Hair , ,

Yesterday I planned on dying my hair lilac so I dyed my hair light ash blonde to get rid of my roots. Then today I put the conditioned down violet dye on all over my hair and kept it on for 3 hours. When I washed it off and dried it my hair was a really bright violet colour but my roots were a dark blonde/grey colour. I’m confused as to why they haven’t dyed? Also what’s a really quick way of fading my hair colour to make it lighter?

1 Answers

  1. evea on Aug 07, 2012

    Well my mums a hairdresser and she recommends to fade the colour wash it regualy with your normal shampoo and conditionor but with the hair dye she said dye the roots only so basically dye you hair from the scalp with quite thick blobs of dye! Hope this helps xx

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