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2 Answers

will it be too warm to wear this?

Asked by: Dora 246 views Fashion & Accessories

okay so this is a sweatshirt but the details say its made out of cotton and viscose ..will it be too warm to wear .where i live he temperature is about 27-30 celsius
and please tell me what do you think about it


2 Answers

  1. kflukinger on Aug 09, 2013

    Well, for me, it’s fine, because i also use things like that but not that quite thick as yours. But you can still use it because it has three-fourth sleeve(or what they call them). I wear mine(an American Eagle one) during the hottest weather in our country and i suggest you to just wear it with shorts. Hope this helps!:))

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  2. leff on Aug 09, 2013

    Do you mean will it be to warm to wear on the first day of school?I don’t know. It looks okay, especially if your school is chilly.But I think I’d probably wait until September or October to wear it.

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