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3 Answers

would you say these are model characteristics?

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This is my sister, she has been offered a modeling career by an agency. Now dont get me wrong she is pretty but I cant see "model" pretty if you get what I mean. I just dont want her to be getting ripped of, because I know what model agencys do to young girls :S

(sorry rubbish pic but only one I have of her on my camera)


3 Answers

  1. Raspberry Pebbles on Dec 09, 2012

    She is very pretty, but she doesn’t look like a typical model type. Don’t get me wrong, theirs agencies for all different looks, shapes and sizes, but modelling isn’t all about looks, even Kate Moss wouldn’t be a model if she didn’t know how to pose correctly. But before any agency contacts her here are some warning signs to look out for…Can she bring someone with her to the meeting? No agency nor photographer should have any problems with their model bringing a friend.Is it an official agency? She needs to ask for the official name and search the internet to see if it has websites, photographers, models.And the last and MOST IMPORTANT: A modelling agency should NEVER and i repeat NEVER EVER ask the model for money, or what they call "a starting fee", if an ‘agency’ EVER asks for money then it is not an agency, it is a scam. Modelling is a career, which you should be PAID for not PAY FOR.She’s beautiful and people will try and exploit that, the modelling industry is full of scary people so tell her to be careful! Best of luck!

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  2. tammy on Dec 09, 2012

    She’s really pretty but honestly she wears too much makeup…

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  3. Eliza on Dec 09, 2012

    she is really a beautiful girl … will be eye-candy of elder guys and then ………………… you understand !!!

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