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Yellow and Copper hair – what would happen with ash blonde?

Asked by: Sweet Apple 253 views Hair , , ,

A few weeks ago, I dyed my hair from dark chocolate brown to blonde. My natural hair colour is a light ash blonde, and I wanted to get back to a colour that suits my skin tone. I went through all the stages – bright orange ends, neon yellow roots, all expected. I gave it a break and treated it to some deep conditioning before putting an ash blonde on top to neutralise the brassiness.

My hair is just below shoulder length and at the moment, my hair is a golden blonde on top (until it reaches my ears) and then below that, a sort of very light orange/copper colour. It’s perfectly fine, and not an outrageous colour at all, especially after continued use of a violet toning shampoo and conditioner, but it doesn’t look natural, doesn’t match the top of my head, and it’s beginning to frustrate me.

I want to put a light ash colour over my hair to get it back to one colour and my questions really are: will a light ash blonde get rid of the faint copper? Should I apply the dye to the ends first, before applying to the top and roots to get an even colour? I’m anxious that I may end up with lovely beige/champagne ends and grey/silver everywhere else.

Any hairdressers/home-dying experts out there with some advice? I’d be very grateful!

A note: my ideal colour would really be a champagne/pale beige, but I wouldn’t mind getting to a stage where a few weeks of toning could reach that look.

Thanks guys! x

1 Answers

  1. Butterfly Dimples on Jun 01, 2013

    Ash blonde should help tone down brassiness , try putting slightly more dye in the ends or maybe even leave it on a little longer.

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